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Happy Victory Day!


Today we were visited by our most honored guests - veterans of World War Two. Every year we are very glad to meet them here at our factory, where they used to work years ago.


Our factory team wished all the best to our guests, who fought at the very front line or worked for the country needs in the war time. We marked this Victory day and Memory Day by warm wishes of peaceful sky, presents, stories about tough days of war and happy day when it ended.


We wish all the Heroes who live among us to stay in good health, and would like to thank sincerely for their courageous feats.


Eternal glory for those who are no longer with us!


Happy Victory Day!


Let’s celebrate Easter!


Easter is the symbol of revival, a new blank page in the Book of Life.


Let’s write in those Books only about good events, joy and love, acts of kindness and most of all – let’s praise every new day, because it will never come again!


Our Team wishes all the best for the blessed holiday of Resurrection and would like to encourage you to keep the feeling of spring in your hearts every single day!


With best regards,

BALEX Company Team


Pleasant news: growing production capacities accompanied by new laboratory!


We waited so impatiently for our new laboratory to open because we are sure - professional laboratory research is the guarantee of high quality of ready product.


On the 6th of March we cut red festive ribbon with great pleasure, and put completely refurbished production laboratory into operation.


Happy Women's Day!


We are sure – as long as you are next to us, everything will be just fine.

We believe that any day can be a holiday – we just have to make you smile.

We know that you are unique, because only a woman may have two hearts beating in her.


We wish you all the best for the 8th of March, and send you our boundless gratitude and love.

                                                                                                                  Happy holiday!


Pancake week is here!


Pancake week is here!

This year according to Orthodox Calendar Pancake week is celebrated between 16-22 February.

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