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Happy Independence Day!

Special feelings to your Motherland, pride and joy of being a citizen, love to your country's culture, language and traditions - all of these, but not limited to, means patriotism. 
Ukraine Independence Day gives a chance to every citizen of Ukraine to feel himself a Ukrainian, no matter of his race, nationality, religious or political beliefs.
Happy Independence Day to all our fellow countrymen! Together we shall develop our state and shall protect what we value the most.
Glory to Ukraine!

Happy Constitution Day!


On June 28 we celebrate the Constitution Day of Ukraine. We wish all the best for all our state on this wonderful holiday!


Vyshyvanka Day - national unity holiday.


Vyshyvanka Day - national unity holiday.


Vyshyvanka is a traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt, symbolizing our people, our rich traditions, meaning diligent work and being a sort of talisman.

Internnational Vyshyvanka Day is a holiday that guards folk traditions of making and wearing embroidered ethnic Ukrainian cloths.

On this day every Ukrainian can happily join the celebrations and put on his vyshyvanka to go to work, school or simply walk outside.

Today Vyshyvanka is not just a genetic code of Ukrainian nation, it is a worldwide recognized brand.

Therefore we decided not to stay aside, and today many of our employees came to the office in bright colorful embroidered cloths.


We encourage to join us - it is so beautiful!


Bright Easter Day!


On Easter day, BALEX Company team wishes you and your families happiness, harmony, peace and mutual understanding. Let our faith will always be sincere, with pure thoughts and bright souls!

Love, goodness and God's grace! Happy Easter!


Warm regards,

BALEX Company Team


Happy Women`s Day!


Women are the most mysterious creations in the world. Mystery is in their eyes, hearts and their love…

On this wonderful day of spring let us wish you to stay healthy and prosperous, enjoy attention and care from your family and friends and of course lots of love.

Let peace and happiness always be in your hearts.

Be always as bright, beautiful, splendid and fantastic as you are.

Happy Women’s Day!

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