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Smile when you see this truck!


Meet our little helper that delivers the freshest yeast right to the doors of our customers in Kharkiv and nearby communities. The truck is equipped with refrigerator, therefore the product is delivered in full accordance to the temperature regulations.


But this is not just a car; it is a small symbol of the factory.


Smile when you see it on the streets, as if to a friend who reminds you that there is an efficiently working factory in Kharkiv, manufacturing high quality product and providing jobs and hope for the future to great many people, as well as contributing to our motherland development as far as possible.


Smile! And do not forget to follow road regulations!


Teamwork “in the fields”


On 22 July our team took part in an unusual Lasertag-event held in Kharkiv park. Divided into two teams we fulfilled many interesting tasks like “building-taking”, “hostage” saving and fighting for leadership in absolutely uncommon for conditions.


Even raining couldn’t stop us from solving missions excitedly, discovering informal leaders, settling hidden conflicts and finding mutual sympathies. All together we used all the possibilities offered by active corporative rest outside.


We know that at the moments of success and failure, when severe competition rages at the markets, well-coordinated teamwork is crucial for company high efficiency, as well as motivation, recruiting and training.


As a strongly united team with fresh energy we now open our own battles in each sphere, and we do believe in our success, since in a good mood it is much easier to aim high!


Happy Constitution Day!


Summer - is not only vacations, hot sunny days and ripe fruits, but it's also time of the most important holidays of Ukrainian statehood.

On June 28 we celebrate the Constitution Day of Ukraine, a crucial event in the modern history of our country. Constitution approval proclaimed the legal basis of independent Ukraine, its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and was a major step in ensuring the rights and freedoms of a man and a citizen. This year, the Basic Law is already 20 years old!


We wish all the best for all our state on this wonderful holiday! We believe that our country deserves the best, and it is in our power to make it prosperous, strong and independent.

We wish you success and fruitful work; let this festival give the inspiration for creative achievements for the benefit of Ukrainian people!


Happy Easter!


The spring is next to our doors again, as well as joyful Easter holiday!


It is no accident that Easter symbols include everything that signifies Renewal (streams), Light (fire), Life (cakes, eggs and bunnies). And even though Orthodox and Catholics celebrate the Great holiday on different days (this year it is 1st of May and 27th of March respectively), Easter unites all Christians.


Wishing you and your families good health, inspiration for acts of kindness, family care and peace, and most of all – safety to our hearts and homes.

May the blessed Easter holidays fill our souls with purity, love and hope, so that we face life challenges with new energy.

Our Team wishes all the best for the bright holiday of Resurrection!


With best regards,

BALEX Company Team


All the best for you, our precious Fairies!


Independent, modern, beautiful… That’s our ladies.


Bright personalities with a sparkle of joy in you eyes. You cherish our families, favour us with your warmth and care. You are Love and Life themselves!


Happy holiday, our beauties!


With warmest regards,

Men's team


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