Bakery industry exhibition in Poland, city of Lublin (+video)

On 7-10 September 2013 bakery technologists of BALEX Company LLC together with Polish partners Korpiek Lublin Sp z o.o. and PFAHNL Polska Sp. Z o.o. presented Kharkiv yeast on large-scale international exhibition BAKEPOL 2013 which took place in the city of Lublin, Poland.


Friendly atmosphere was predominant in professional environment of bakery products producers. Bakers had been visiting the exhibition for choosing the best ingredients for their creative work.


For all comers we offered delicious buns and rolls, baked right at the exhibition stand by our technologists with Kharkiv yeast, and it was a huge success!


New business contacts, valuable meetings and new customers, as well as unforgettable impression made by ancient polish city of Lublin – the exhibition was great!


Specially for the exhibition we have created a video presentation of our company (in Polish), which can be found here: