About us

Our mission

We all remember the taste of home-made bread, baked by our loving mother, and can not help admitting that this is the most delicious food in the world. Cosiness and peace of the family hearth add unique and subtle flavor and odour to bread and irresistible pastry.


The yeast of high quality is an integral part of the modern bakery, and, therefore, we consider creating the unforgettable taste of bread for your enjoyment every day as our main task, thus retaining one of the most precious family values.


Our mission is to bring the warmth of the family hearth in the world with every piece of bread, created with the help of our yeast.


Our company is guided in everything we do by the values, united in the harmonious combination of persistently high quality, reliability and continuous improvements.

High quality of our products is well known in Ukraine and European countries, and sustainable quality parameters of each kilogram of yeast is a pledge of success for us and our partners.


Reliability and transparency of cooperation mean regular deliveries and being responsible to every final consumer.


Continuous improvement helps us not only to respond fast to the modern market demands, constantly enhance quality for our customers, improve working conditions for our employees, but also provide the most efficient resources use, reduce negative effects on environment, and never rest on our laurels!


We are open and predictable for our partners, thus providing due background for the most advantageous cooperation, and our team works with concern for every consumer.

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