About us


Bakery yeast is a unique unicellular microorganism, which is similar in many ways to human body. For instance, basic nutrients necessary for a human being and a yeast cell are the same: carbohydrates, nitrogen, phosphorus, other vitamins and microelements, combined with clean air, water and heat.


Yeast seems to be the most ancient microorganism domesticated by humanity, and after centuries of appliance the yeast has acquired qualities especially tailored to bakery industry needs, just as cultivated plants are being selected in agriculture. Compressed yeast cube consists of live cells, and it is its life activity which provides the unforgettable taste and flavour of bread; the yeast is responsible for smooth and fine spongy texture of bread crumb. During the baking process because of high temperatures yeast transfers its useful components to the ready product. Any other dough leavening agent is not capable of creating the same irresistible smack as yeast. But is any alternative needed when we have yeast - natural and safe way to perfection?


Production process

The growing of one commercial batch of yeast (which consists of about 30 tones) starts from one test tube with few grams of pure culture strain.


Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells, thoroughly selected by a certified laboratory, first grow in our plant laboratory, starting from a small tube, and while multiplying gradually, the yeast gets into fermenters (specially equipped tanks with air supply and cooling systems) of different sizes.


Incubated yeast together with nutritious solution is transferred to separators, where the yeast cells are being isolated from fermentation liquid and washed, so that to remove “food remains” out of yeast mass. Cooled “yeast milk” (liquid yeast) is washed again, and transferred to filtration department, from where the yeast mass is directed to packaging section.


Before dispatching to customers ready product is properly cooled in our warehouses, where the temperature of up to +4ºC is kept.


In order to ensure best possible results of bakery yeast growing process we use the newest equipment from the best world producers at all the stages of production, including but not limited to:

  • GEA Westfalia Separator (Germany);
  • Aerzen (Germany);
  • Samson (Germany);
  • Festo Group (Germany);
  • KSB (Germany);
  • Grundfos (Denmark);
  • Kaiser (Germany);
  • Proconor (Spain);
  • Grasso (Netherlands, Germany);
  • Bouwpaco (Netherlands);
  • Alfa Laval (Sweden);
  • Viessmann (Germany) and others.


Production processes are organized in such a way so as to reduce human influence and avoid contacting the goods on all stages of manufacturing. This principle is implemented with the help of Siemens automatic control system.


We do not add any kinds of coloring agents, preservatives, improvers or antibiotics into our product, and only owing to high production culture, professional skills of our specialists and the best equipment we create yeast, which retains highest quality parameters unaltered within 35-day shelf-life, and makes your bread the most delicious, soft and fragrant, exactly the way it tasted back in your home in childhood.