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Compressed yeast in bags of 15 kg

Highly active strain of yeast.


Yeast in bags of 15 kg is specially produced for industrial bakeries. It is equally great for straight (fast) dough production processes, deep freeze technology and pre-baked products. Yeast is crumbled due to low humidity.


Rate of application* (in % to weight of flour):

   - for straight (fast) dough 1,5-3,5% yeast;

   - for frozen dough 2-4% yeast.


Quality parameters on manufacture day:

  • Rising power 26-31 min.
  • Maltose activity under 38 min.
  • Acidity to 60 ml of acetic acid
  • Humidity 65-67%
  • Ingredients: Saccharomyces yeast
  • Nutritient (food) value, in 100 g:

                   proteins — 11.5 g;

                   carbohydrates — 3.8g;

                   fats — 0,6 g.

  • Energy value (calorie content) in 100 g. - 276,1 kJ / 66 kcal


Storage temperature from 0ºC to +7ºC, optimum storage temperature from 0ºC to +4ºC.

Shelf-life: 35 days from production date.


Packaging:  bag of 15 kg.


* - Rate of yeast application depends on recipe and methods of dough production.