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Special osmosis-tolerant strain of yeast.


Used for rich baked goods with high dosage of sugar and fat (Easter cakes, buns, puff pastry etc.) Fits excellently for frozen semi-finished products (yeast dough, yeast puff pastry).

It is recommended to use Optima yeast when dough recipe requires more than 15% sugar content.


Depending on recipe complexity, the rate of application* might be 2-7 % of yeast (including frozen dough).


Quality parameters on manufacture day:

  • Rising power 30-33 min.

  • Maltase activity up to 38 min.

  • Acidity up to 60 ml of acetic acid

  • Humidity up to 69%

  • Ingredients: Saccharomyces yeast

  • Nutritient (food) value, in 100 g:

                    proteins — 11.5 g;

                   carbohydrates — 3.8g;

                   fats — 0,6 g.

  • Energy value (calorie content) in 100 g. - 276,1 kJ / 66 kca.


Storage temperature from 0ºC to +7ºC, optimum storage temperature from 0ºC to +4ºC.

Shelf-life: 35 days from production date.


Packaging:  1000 g.

Carton: 12 kg (12 cakes of 1kg).


* - Rate of yeast application depends on recipe and methods of dough production.