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Let yours hearts be full of national pride for our country, and fair work will be a reliable guarantee of our future!

Happy Independence Day, Ukraine!


Glory to the Hero City! Glory to the National flag of Ukraine!


The yellow-blue flag has united the whole world in moments of joy and sorrow for more than five months. It is a symbol of the unity of the progressive world community, a symbol of the sovereignty of our country.

No wonder that the highest flagpole rightfully belongs to Kharkiv - a city that has already defended the integrity of our country and continues to defend it.

Let the yellow-blue flag of the will and unity of the Ukrainian people always fly proudly over Ukraine!

Glory to the Hero City!

Glory to the National flag of Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine!!!!


Happy Easter!


Today our country is invincible, and each of us is already a winner!

 Every day, every hour, every second we work for victory.

 Food companies do not stop their production so that Ukrainians can feel care and comfort in every corner of the country.

We sincerely wish that the victorious spirit of hope will continue to accompany you and your family, give strength, energy and inspiration for good and useful deeds for the benefit of our native Ukraine.

Christ is Risen!

Glory to Ukraine!!!


Happy New 2022 Year!


Bright Christmas lights have already lit up in houses and on the streets, the New Year is just around the corner, and gifts are already waiting for their future happy owners.


And even if crazy world whirls around and the news makes you worry, we suggest you stop for a while, sit  by the Christmas tree in a comfortable armchair, and let all troubles go away.


After all, Christmas and New Year's miracle is to hug your loved ones, call your friends, play with your child and bake some tasty cookies.


Our Team sincerely wishes happy holidays and looks forward to fruitful cooperation next year!


Best wishes and happy holidays!


Holidays are different, but we have a warm greeting for everyone!


On October 14, our country celebrates Ukraine Defender Day, and our Team sends its sincere wishes and congratulations for all those men and women who have chosen a difficult path - to give us all the opportunity to just go to work, bring children to school, walk the streets, live ordinary life… Thank you!


And on October 17, we celebrate our professional holiday, Food Industry Worker Day - a holiday for all those who constantly invent new interesting combinations of flavors and aromas, work on our daily bread, and just give positive emotions through their products. Thank you!


Best wishes and happy holidays!

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