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Our professional holiday!

Create a quality and tasty product, giving people our skills every day and being where there is life itself - it is all about us, food industry workers.
We believe that confidence in the value of your work is the key to success for every person and any company, and together we make life more delicious!

On our professional holiday Food Industry Worker day our company Team, as always, wishes all the best to colleagues, friends and partners; we wish to have work inspiration, faith in your own strength, and to keep finding new discoveries and creative solutions.

Happy holiday!


Happy Independence Day!

The words of the Ukrainian poet V. Sosiura "Love Ukraine as you love the sun..." still fill the heart with warmth and pride, although they were written almost 80 years ago. 
The poet wrote that freedom is worth fighting for, and we should love our country with every deed, with all our hearts, in the hour of joy and sorrow, and we completely agree with these words! 
Our Company Team wishes happy Independence Day to all our fellow countrymen, as well as all the best to Kharkiv residents due to the City Day.
Happy Holidays!



Happy Vyshyvanka day!

To feel yourself Ukrainian it is not necessary to wear vyshyvanka - traditional embroidered shirt - or learn the whole "Kobzar " by heart.
And not always the one who wears national clothes really shares our national ideas and values. 
To be Ukrainian is probably a state of mind. 
Our team is happy to join the celebration of the Vyshyvanka day, and invites everyone to take part in this fantastic beauty!

Happy Easter Holidays!

The world is changing, responding to new challenges, and becoming more and more dynamic.
In this speed it is important not to lose what makes us human beings - mutual respect, compassion, love for our fellow men.
The Holy Resurrection is a manifestation of God's mercy and love that we can give to each other every day. 
This year we are celebrating Easter at home, and this is also type of care.
Join us and happy Easter Holidays!

Happy March 8th!

A woman might be one of the Nature forces: charming and bright in its beauty, unbreakabke and tireless, but sometimes destructive and unforgiving...
Surround a woman with care - and she will enlighten your life and make it colorful. This is a wonderful gift of Nature (no wonder She is a woman for us too). 
On these spring days, we wish all women only tenderness; your goals to be achieved, new peaks to be reached, and above all - lots of care from your loved ones. 
Happy March 8th!


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