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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

On Christmas and New Year holidays is wonderful to think on - what is most important in life; what makes a life to be meaningful, shiny and bright, necessary?
Perhaps the people around us are the key - family, friends, close and distant acquaintances. 
Let's create a holiday mood together, giving each other warmth of hearts, sincere wishes, hugs and joy! 


We wish our colleagues, friends and partners a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, have happy holidays and start a new year with new achievements!


Happy Food Industry Worker day!

Sharing professional goal is like sharing a dream: it unites, inspires, opens new perspective and vision. 
On our professional holiday, Food Industry Worker day, we wish and hope that our colleagues, friends and partners would always find joy in their professional activities, and would remember, that magnificent building of joint effort consists of small bricks that each of us provides by working daily  and inserting a piece of ourselves into it.
Happy Holidays!



Defender of Ukraine is an extraordinary title!

We wish all the best to everyone who protects our country, stands by its peace and borders. We are so proud that you are our fellow countrymen.

On the Day of Defender of Ukraine, we praise not only courageous men, but also those women who, right next to the men, devote their energies to the safety of our country.

We are very grateful to all of you!





This year we celebrate the 28th anniversary of the Independence of our country!


An independent country, their own language, ability to follow their own path  remain just a golden dream for many nations in the world.


We, Ukrainians, were blessed to have our own independent state, and the very first obligation of everyone of us is to protect and cherish our Motherland, develop it and keep moving forward.


Happy Independence Day!





Vyshyvanka Day.


Vyshyvanka is a traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt.


On this day every Ukrainian can happily join the celebrations and put on his vyshyvanka to go to work, school or simply walk outside.


Therefore we decided not to stay aside, because it is so beautiful!

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