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This year we celebrate the 28th anniversary of the Independence of our country!


An independent country, their own language, ability to follow their own path  remain just a golden dream for many nations in the world.


We, Ukrainians, were blessed to have our own independent state, and the very first obligation of everyone of us is to protect and cherish our Motherland, develop it and keep moving forward.


Happy Independence Day!





Vyshyvanka Day.


Vyshyvanka is a traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt.


On this day every Ukrainian can happily join the celebrations and put on his vyshyvanka to go to work, school or simply walk outside.


Therefore we decided not to stay aside, because it is so beautiful!


Happy Easter!


This day is full of peaceful joy and pure delight.


We wish you all the best for this inspiring holiday of Resurrection!


With best regards,

BALEX Company team



Happy Women's Day!


We wish all the best to our beloved ladies and girls on the spring holiday - March 8!


It is a day of femininity, beauty and love, and at the same time it reminds us of how strong and active, loyal and independent our women are - those who inspire us every day to be better.


Our team wishes all the good, peace, tenderness and sincere affections to all the charming ladies.


Let the beginning of spring become for you the time of change, bright emotions and fresh feelings, and let every spring day with every dawn to bring you joy and tranquility, as well as inspiration and faith in a happy future.


Happy New 2019 Year!


Dear partners, friends and colleagues!



Congratulations to you, your family and friends! We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We wish that joy and warmth reign in your life!

May next year all dreams coming true!


Best wishes,

BALEX Company LLC Team

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